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Corral all those cute slugs

Have you ever dreamed of being the master of a farm full of kawaii slugs? Slime Rancher is what you have been waiting for.

Note: Slime Rancher is currently in Early Access.

What exactly is Slime Rancher?

Slime Rancher for Mac tells the story of Beatrix LeBeau, a somewhat clumsy rancher who has decided to create a ranch in space. Its main attraction: the cutest slugs imaginable (or kawaii slugs, as fans seem to call them) whose poop is incredibly valuable.

Slime Rancher is a first-person sandbox in which you use a kind of suction-device/gun/jetpack to collect everything you can in your bag – or hurl it across the map. The aim is to use this contraption to find and raise kawaii slugs, as their "waste" is highly sort after across the galaxy. Each slug has its own culinary tastes and abilities. This is far more complex than it seems at first!

Gotta slime 'em all

Slime Rancher is above all a game of discovery. You'll encounter evil slugs that can only be removed using very peculiar techniques. You'll encounter Slug Bombs. You will even find that – if necessary – you can suck all the water from the sea. You'll end up discovering new items every time you play as rewards of trying new and creative techniques.

Despite being in Early Access on Steam, Slime Rancher is packed with content: areas to explore, types of slug to discover, and upgrades for your contraption... The developer has been working on this game for two years and it shows.

Get hooked to drool!

Want to create a strange slug ranch? Well then, despite being unfinished, Slime Rancher is the perfect pick - offering enough content to keep you entertained for hours. That's right: if you like the bizarre, this one will enthrall you.

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